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AM Best Co Headlines from May 19, 2022
Evaluating the claims paying ability and financial strength of an insurer and its individual member (insurance) companies is not the same thing as deciding whether (or not) to invest in that company's common stock. A stock market analyst might make a recommendation or review a particular stock (negatively) deciding that you can get a better return on your investment elsewhere while we focus on the insurers product, itís suitability for your particular needs, the associated costs (as measured by the rate/premium) relative to other comparable products offered by other similarly well suited insurers.

When it comes time to present our recommendations and review the result of the bid process we want you to weigh and consider the reputation of the insurer, their ability to service the product and their claims paying ability as measured in terms of relative financial strength. To that end we will look at industry/market reports, business journals, news and wire reports to name but a few of our sources. We will also draw upon our practical experience working with these companies and lastly we will look to industry's leading independent rating organization, the A.M. Best Company, for their evaluations of an insurerís ability to make good on their financial obligations.

A.M. Best Company is the leading provider of ratings, news and financial data for the insurance industry worldwide and Best's Ratings are recognized as the benchmark for assessing the financial strength of insurance related organizations and the credit quality of their obligations.

For more information on what all goes into a Best Rating and what it can mean to you and your (insurance) purchase decision you can click on the Best Financial Strength Ratings Defined Guide courtesy of the A.M. Best Company or visit their site at: