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William Blake CPCU, ARM, ARP
President, MediaPlus Insurance Services
CEO, Encore Risk Management Group, Inc

Bill Blake on set
Chat a few moments with our President, William Blake, CIC, CPCU, ARM, and you quickly gain a sense that he understands the challenges you face. He understands that your work in the media, communications and entertainment will bring its own unique set of business risk management challenges. It’s that niche industry focus that enables him to speak your language, establish credibility and foster effective two-way communication that gives him a better understanding your business risk, allowing him to quickly assess your situation, present you with meaningful alternatives and when a decision is to be made help you weigh and consider all your options.

His ability to successfully bridge the “gap” between the insurance world and yours comes from having spent the past two plus decades working as an insurance company underwriter; national insurance program manager; and independent insurance agent/broker who has worked closely with literally thousands of broadcast, media and entertainment companies over his career. He has been in the field, on location and in the studio. He understands the critical issues you face as a business owner, risk manager and decision maker much better than your typical insurance agent or broker who operates as a generalist.

Insurers appreciate his knowledge of your industry, your business and they rely on his understanding of what they will need in order to do their best for you and your business. He has the established credibility necessary to effectively negotiate on your behalf with insurers and is able to source out those best equipped to compete for your business in terms of price, coverage and service.

Our clients, agents, brokers and insurers alike have come to appreciate the difference. With MediaPlus and William Blake, it's about more than a policy it's a partnership!
His commitment to professionalism through continuing education is evidenced by the following insurance industry designations/titles he has earned:
- Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)
- Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)
- Associate in Risk Management (ARM)
- Associate in Research and Planning (ARP)