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Practically every agent you talk with will claim they can sell you a "such and such" insurance policy. And in certain instances this might even be true. But in our opinion that still would fall short of all MediaPlus can make available for our valued clients and business associates across the country.

As one of the few true specialists we have made a conscious decision to align ourselves with and dedicate our resources to serving the very same industries you have chosen to make your career. It is the cumulative effect of these efforts over the years that have fueled our true competitive advantage-bringing together the right mix of industry expertise, customer driven professionals, and technology in the opinion of insurers and clients alike.

When it's time to tackle the inevitable subject of risk management (or even insurance) don't just buy yourself a policy build a partnership with MediaPlus when it comes to protecting the risk management interests of your business in any of the following industries:

Entertainment & Media
  • Radio Broadcasters
  • Television Broadcasters
  • Cable Operators
  • Satellite / Pay-Per-View Broadcast
  • Direct Broadcast Systems
  • Live Event Production & Mobile Broadcast Companies
  • Satellite Uplink Services
  • Local Long Distance Cellular Wireless & Paging Services
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Web-Site Design/Host Companies
  • New Media Publishers
  • Publishers, Traditional Print Media Newspapers, Periodicals & Books
  • Advertising & Commercial Production
  • Independent Film Productions
  • Documentaries & Shorts
  • Recording Studios
  • Entertainment Equipment Rental
  • Special Events, Festivals & Venues
If you don't see your business listed or have a question about what we can do for your business please feel free to contact us at: